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Official News

25 Jun, 2010 Version 2.1.0 of chat available for phones used Android platform in builds section.

05 Apr, 2010 Colors of private mesages extended. Color depends on sex, rating and status. More about colors

26 Mar, 2010 Version 2.1.0 jad, jar. Graphical User Interface (GUI) improvement, audio/video recorder and player, fast acces menus, hold keys, Blackberry supporting. More about release

01 Feb, 2010 Version 2.0.0 of mobile chat released jad, jar More animation, avatars, smiles, toch screen supporting, increased speed underSymbian OS v9.X.

29 Aug, 2009 New mobile version of AVACS Live Chat with socket supporting and turbo mode published for testing. Download jad, jarrelease More about

04 May, 2009 Management of chat rooms added. You can make new rooms, set animated background pictures, rules, greetings, change access type, language from web version of chat.

08 Apr, 2009 AVACS gallery opened, you can create gallery of photo albums and look over photos of other people. Spam bot added for private messages. New functions added for moderators.

19 Jan, 2009 Added list of users smiles, so you can upload share and use your own smiles. Additionaly added drag and drop technology for added users nick, name of room, image of smile to public or private message.

18 Dec, 2008 New design for chat, added list of rooms where you are moderator, you can add/remove rooms from selected list, added filter for rooms with users, more...

09 Nov, 2008 Added European and Arabic news line showing. Added direct link to room. You can invite people from your site directly in your AVACS Live Chat room. For example: My global chat room

27 Oct, 2008 Added attachements. You can upload and download any files/links, such as photo, audio, video, text, html with direct preview in AVACS Live Chat room.

26 Sep, 2008 From now you can add/remove users in contact list, black list, readonly list, moderators list, invited list via drag and drop or popup menu in web version of AVACS Live Chat.

14 Aug, 2008 Web version of most popular product AVACS Live Chat for PC computers started. You can open it by the link

15 Dec, 2007 SMS voting, SMS news line and other SMS services added

14 Dec, 2007 Chat is free application from this point.

10Apr, 2006 Mobile version of AVACS Live Chat are run

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